40 acres
Equestrian Paradise

The Stable
at Happy Valley Farms


Since 1936
Re-established 2024

The Stables at Happy Valley Farms stand as a modern tribute to a rich equestrian legacy. Once the heart of Marion 'Bit' Hutcheson's passion for world-class horses, the farm has historically been a beacon of equestrian excellence. Bit's dedication to breeding and training top-tier horses set a high standard that we proudly uphold. Today, we are continuing this tradition with a focus on hunter/jumper disciplines. Our facilities have been thoughtfully designed

to provide an unparalleled experience for both horse and rider. With top-of-the-line training grounds, including expansive outdoor and indoor arenas, we cater to the needs of serious competitors and recreational riders alike. Our commitment to maintaining and enhancing the farm's esteemed legacy is evident in every detail, from the meticulously cared-for grounds to the expertly trained staff, ensuring that Happy Valley remains synonymous with equestrian excellence.

Stable Interior

Luxurious stalls featuring Nelson Automatic gauged waterers, Softstall mattresses, mounted fans, and windows for premium horse comfort.

Stable Pastures

Accommodating Pastures with individual and small group turnouts in vast outdoor spaces, promoting free roam, socialization, and safety with ample water and shelter.

Stable Exterior Details

The Stable is being thoroughly upgraded inside and out.

Stable Exterior Stall Doors

The exterior stall doors

Stable Entry

Happy Valley Farms enjoys a rich history of equestrian excellence.



Discover the finest in equestrian amenities at Happy Valley Farms, featuring expert training, state-of-the-art facilities, and picturesque riding grounds, all tailored for an unparalleled experience.

Luxurious Stalls

Featuring Softstall mattresses, Nelson Automatic gauged waterers, mounted fans, and windows for premium horse comfort.

Quality Nutrition

Customized nutrition overseen by our vet and team to ensure your horse's vitality and your peace of mind.

Indoor and Outdoor Arenas

Both arenas feature premium fiber footing. Year-round training in our outdoor arena (135x225) and our indoor arena (100x200) including training mirrors and natural lighting. (Indoor coming soon)

Accommodating Pastures

Individual and small group turnouts in vast outdoor spaces, promoting free roam, socialization, and safety with ample water and shelter.

Team of Professionals

Dedicated to delivering top training and care, our skilled staff ensures the highest standard of excellence for your horse.

Hunter/Jumper Excellence

Preparation for Equitation Finals, Derby Finals, and Mini Prix.



Educated coaching focused on safety, excellence, and horsemanship skills.

Development Academy

Engaging lessons with HVF horses, perfect for building skills and fostering a love for equestrian sports. Focused on developing solid foundations and safety.


Training for individualized peak performance, preparing horses and riders for all three rings.

Opportunities to Compete

USEF Rated Shows

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HVF Welcome Series

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A close-up of one of the stable exterior stall doors.

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Recent News
the Stable

The Stable at Happy Valley Farms is led by Susan Sjolund and Shawdee Naimy.

Behind the Reins: Introducing Our Trainers

Happy Valley Farms

Meet Shawdee and Susan, the driving forces behind Happy Valley Equestrian's success. With diverse backgrounds in the hunter/jumper world, they bring unparalleled expertise and dedication to our programs, shaping the future of our riders and horses with a blend of tradition and innovation.